No more keyboard shortcuts

The Lexip mouse is the 3D evolution of mice. For the first time Lexip allows a freedom of movement in 3 dimensions thanks to its 6 axes. Simply push the mouse cursor forward or backward (pitch), right or left (roll), or use the joystick (lace) to interact in a simple and intuitive way with your Objects and 3D scenes. Thanks to Lexip patented motion controllers, the "Free Motion" mouse captures all the movements of the hand and reproduces them with precision on the screen.

The functions and drivers of the Lexip 3D Pro are today mainly intended for professional use. The Lexip 3DM Pro mouse has been designed to meet the specific needs of 3D crafts such as architecture and computer graphics or level design for video game professionals. It is also suitable for use in 2 dimensions, for a more classic office experience. The transition from one mode to the other is done with a single click for the easiest usability.
Lexip is free customizable. Tune the sensitivity, the axis configuration, user profiles creation, macros and specific parameters for each of your software.

Souris Lexip

Lexip 3D Gaming

Lexip also performs in the field of video games. Thanks to its freedom of movement, players can explore more intuitive and playful ways of playing, enrich their gaming experience and improve their performance. This is why we developed Lexip 3D Gaming. This gaming Lexip comes with new software, interface and specialized drivers for the universe of video games. Try and enjoy Lexip 3D Gaming for your favorite games in FPS, MMO, racing and simulation (Star Citizen) games.